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Become a part of one of the largest Farmers Markets in Downtown Orlando.


Prior to completing an application, please read the entire Vendor Application and Agreement and make sure your product meets the criteria and that you can meet the rules of the market.  If you have not visited the market before, we strongly encourage you do so before submitting an application.  The usage fee is $30 each market day for a 10x10 booth space.

Product categories that we do not accept are:


1. Informational and/or promotional items

2. Charitable / Fundraisers

3. Screen Printed apparel

4. Franchise, direct sale, and/or retail business

5. Commercial / mass produced products (with or without an internet business)

6. Electronics and related accessories

7. Mobile Food Trucks / Trailers

8. Drop in vendors / one day vendors


The primary theme of the market is related to produce, plants and specialty foods.  Other products that are accepted are intended to supplement the core theme while adding color and variety to the marketplace.  Homemade and handcrafted items are given strong preference.

Approved vendors at the Farmers Market must have a "Business Tax Receipt" from the county in which their business is located.  If you reside in the city of Orlando  you must also obtain a business license from the city which may be obtained at City Hall.

The licensing for food vendors varies depending on the type of food and whether you are operating under Cottage Food Laws.  My suggestion if you are a food vendor is to visit the market and talk with vendors with similar type products about what licenses are required.

It is the responsibility of each vendor to obtain all appropriate licenses and to have those in their booth at all times.


Please Allow 7 - 10 Business Days for review of your product.   Please note that the application process will not begin until we receive a fully completed application and pictures that display your product.


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